4/09/2013 04:52:00 PM

What Would Those Bob's Burgers Burgers Actually Taste Like?

The Don't Get Crème Fraîche With Me Burger
Thank goodness someone finally did this. Uproxx's TV Gourmet took it upon himself to make some of the most unusual Bob's Burgers burger specials to see what they'd actually taste like in real life. If you haven't seen Bob's Burgers, drop what you're doing right now. The hilarious animated Fox series is centered around Bob Belcher, who owns a burger joint with his wife, Linda, and their kids Tina, Gene and Louise (voiced by the ever-fab Kristen Schall). Every episode features a chalkboard burger, with both punny and thought-provoking names, if only because everyone has their own interpretation of what a Fig-eta 'Bout It burger might taste like. Check out all eight burgers and their taste-test ratings, aka Dancing Jimmys, here. You may realize some things really should only live in an animated world.


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