4/12/2013 01:11:00 PM

Want to Be Psy's Personal Chef?

Like all global superstars, South Korean sensation Psy has reached the point where eating takeout just won't do (and the point where the endorsement deals are rolling in). So in preparation for his summer tour, and in partnership with Korean food brand, Bibigo, he's looking for a personal chef to accompany him around the world - and that person could be YOU.

All you have to do is create a video showcasing your "mixing" skillz (“bibim" apparently means “mixed” in Korean). And as this promotional video makes clear, you don't even know how to cook just as long as you can mix something (like floral prints with leather, for example). The lucky winner will receive $40,000 plus everything you need to live Gangnam style, including limos and luxe accommodations. The contest officially launches tomorrow and runs through May 12. You can get more details here and here.


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