4/19/2013 03:12:00 PM

Update on Dandelion Chocolate's New Pastry Pop-Up Series

Marla Bakery's sampler set at Dandelion Chocolates
Business is going gangbusters at Dandelion Chocolate, the artisanal bean-to-bar micro-chocolate factory and cafe in the Mission, where 100 wholesale accounts are on a wait list to get their goods. Foodies have also been going gaga over its the daily selection of cocoa-laced treats such as the frozen hot chocolate drinks that fill the front display cases. That line-up of chocolate goodies is changing, however, now that resident pastry chef Phil Ogiela has left (we’re told on mutually amicable terms). Don't worry, the hot and cold chocolate and mocha drinks are not going anywhere.

For the time being, the chocolate confections void will be filled by a series of pop-up pastry impresarios. Already on deck for a two-week stint is the ever-popular Marla Bakery, run by Amy Brown (former pastry chef at Nopa) and her partner Joe Wolf (former pickler at Wise Sons) who have recently been hawking their pastries and brunch items at various spots throughout San Francisco while they try to find a brick and mortar spot of their own. The duo is already turning out a new batch of cocoa-laced pastries using Dandelion’s chocolates and will continue to do so for the rest of this week and next Friday-Sunday. (Note: The shop will be closed next Wednesday and Thursday while the entire crew heads to Hawaii for some R&R and a visit to a cocoa farm in Kauai).  

Marla’s new creations include cacao nibs macaron, an almond and huckleberry cream parfait and a sampler set (shown above) comprised of Madagascar truffle with cream, pimenton dulce with a touch of salt, candied orange with Pantenemo chocolate and a brownie made with Dandelion's new 85% Rio Caribe. Coming this weekend, they’ll be adding chocolate chips cookies to the mix. After Marla moves on (Brown and Wolf will be taking over Sunday brunch service at State Bird Provisions on May 12, 19 and 26), Dandelion will be hosting a new batch of pastry pop-ups; they’re already in discussions with several pastry chefs-at-large, so stay tuned.

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  1. Are they insane? The pastry chef (who I didn't know identity until trying to find out what happened on-line) was absolutely brillent and NO ONE that I know of in The City (including the recently opened B Patis on Calif.) come close. I would like to know where he has gone so we can follow - the sublime cheesecake, angel food cake, little round choc. "brownies", caramel/choc. tart, recent choc. raspberry tart and whatever else this genius could come up with made me drive from Healdsburg just to eat. I don't know the problem but someone should fix it - the popups! are no where in same category and I knew that when I walked in last week prepared to buy everything they had only to discover "pop-ups" that I knew were not Phil's quality DUH! and DUH! I don't know how to "publish" my id so the name is Pat Sides