4/10/2013 09:04:00 AM

UNICEF Makes It Easy for Fliers to Donate

Photo courtesy of UNICEF
UNICEF is making it easy for you to feel good about flying this summer. They've just linked up with travel techie company Amadeus, which handles the booking engines for 110 major airlines, to enable fliers to make micro-donations each time they book, according to Mashable. Each airline that chooses to join the program can select a program to direct the funds at. For example, a South African airline could choose to collect donations for a UNICEF program to improve access to clean drinking water for children. Amadeus Senior Vice President Tomás López Fernebrand hopes the small donations will add up to some big numbers. If just 5-10% of the 50 million bookings made in 2012 had included a dollar donation, they could collect more than $2.5 million annually. 


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