4/05/2013 01:00:00 PM

Uncle Fatty’s Is Out, Pinball Arcade Expansion Is In

Tonight, we pout out a little bit of our Tiki drink to commiserate the departure of Uncle Fatty’s Rum Resort. Our nights will never be the same without their lime green fishbowls filled with mystery alcohol. Replacing it, in conjunction with the current owners, is an expansion of Headquarters Beercade. It is the second of four bar concepts set to open this year under the company Capacity Bar Group. The expansion will feature two rows of retro pinball machines as well as a bar with an expanded craft beer menu. Guest will be able to choose from 20 to 25 old and new pinball machines while channeling their inner troubled teen via cinnamon toast bourbon. Five-year-old Uncle Fatty’s will close on May 4 to make room for the 7,000-square-foot pinball bar. This announcement comes just days after Chicago's other arcade bar, Emporium, announced their plans to expand this summer.


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