4/15/2013 10:25:00 AM

Try The Little Prince's Off-The-Menu French Onion Soup Burger Right Now

Le Drool
Last week, Le Rivage chef Paul Denamiel opened his new eatery The Little Prince in SoHo. There's a lot to like about the mid-sized charmer that sports a menu of moderately priced French fare, but we we loved the most wasn't even on the menu. Denamiel is widely respected in the industry and he's concocted two off-the-menu dishes for those of his pals who are lucky enough to be in the know. We already reported about the first - a tricked out McMuffin that comes stuffed with foie gras and an egg (if there is a better hangover cure, we haven't found it).

That was great, but the dish you really need to know about is The Prince's French onion soup burger. Available if you ask for it, the rare patty is served on an English muffin and topped with caramelized onions, Bechamel and Gruyere cheese. As you can see, it comes topped with a French flag - awwwww. Now, we don't make habit of judging places this early on, but we think it's fair to call this off-the-menu dish mind blowing. Ask, and ye shall receive (199 Prince Street).


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