4/10/2013 02:41:00 PM

Hollywood Pies' Storefront Now Open for Chicago Deep-Dish Pies

Photo: Squid Ink
The story of David Miscimarra, Hollywood Pies and the internets goes something like this: The engineer-turned-pizzamaker found a little catering kitchen to make authentic Chicago deep-dish pizza for delivery and pick-up only; he handed out flyers and made people come to nondescript buildings to get their pies; Eater got wind of it; Grey's Anatomy stars showed up that day and tweeted it out; Thrillist did a cheeky video.

Then all of a sudden Miscimarra's little mom-and-pop pizza outfit blew up. Figuratively, not literally. Hollywood Pies' pies are heralded as some of the best deep-dish in town, and we all hoped he'd open a real restaurant at some point. Two years later, the Hollywood Pies storefront has debuted, and the sausage gods sing.

Miscimarra recounts all of that and more to Squid Ink, including details about the new spot. The space is still pretty nondescript, with a small sign out front, a few tables, only about 26 seats. Right now the hours are limited - it's not really ready for dining-in yet - but fans and curious locals have already found them for a pizza fix. The menu is the same except there will be chalkboard specials for dine-in guests only - various salads, cannoli and homemade meatballs with angel hair pasta. But the pizza is what everyone clamors for, the sausage and cheese under a bright and tangy sauce. Lou Malnati, watch out.

6116 1/2 W. Pico Blvd.; 323-337-3212


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