4/12/2013 06:00:00 PM

This Week's Top Restaurant and Food News

Finances were on the mind this week (if you didn't get those taxes done yet, we're thinking a lot of restaurant visits aren't in the cards this weekend). Our analysis of tasting menu pricing was in the top slot, followed by a roundup of deals for those who are taken to the cleaners by Uncle Sam. There was also room in the top 10 for a timeless classic: donuts. Take a look at the most read stories below, and stay tuned next week for more coverage (you know you'll need a cocktail after tax day).

1. Tasting Menus: Are You Getting Ripped Off?
2. 16 Great Restaurant Deals Around the Country
3. 9 Game Changing Donut Shops Around the U.S.
4. Rick Bayless on the San Francisco Restaurant Scene
5. Splurge or Save: A NYC Tax Day Guide
6. 5 Rock Star Owned Restaurants in the SF Bay Area
7. Splurge or Save: Tax Day Dining in LA
8. 10 LA Restaurants to Hit While Everyone is at Coachella
9. 5 Best Greek Restaurants in Chicago
10. Ben and Jerry's Giving Away Free Ice Cream

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  1. I felt empty when I saw the picture. So yummy donuts!

    (haha, yeah we need cocktail after tax day)