4/19/2013 10:00:00 AM

The Best Thing We Ate Last Night: Coccoli at Siena Tavern

Meat and cheese, what else can one ask for at an Italian restaurant? Siena Tavern answered that question with fried dough and truffle honey. The appetizer we could not get enough of last night was the coccoli. It was an Italian charcuterie board “kicked up a notch,” for lack of a better phrase. Stracchino cheese, a soft cow’s milk cheese, was drizzled with truffle honey and served with prosciutto di parma. We were instructed to combine all the elements on the board into little sandwiches with the fried dough. We ended up tearing open the orbs of crispy, fluffy dough and stuffing them with the salty meat and light cheese. The truffle honey, like most things infused with truffle, was a dominant flavor. But have you ever heard us complain that something tastes too truffle-y? No, of course not - everything can be made more delicious with a dash of truffle honey.


  1. "Siena Tavern answered that question with fiend dough and truffle honey." Fiend dough?

  2. Amazing!!! It's one of those foods that will change your life!