4/12/2013 10:00:00 AM

The Best Thing We Ate Last Night: Poutine at Little Market Brasserie

Poutine is a Canadian comfort food that, in the past year, found its way onto menus and even its own festival in Chicago. You either love gravy-soaked fires topped with meat and cheese curds or hate them. Until last night we were leaning towards the latter. Who knew that it would chef Ryan Poli with his affinity towards Spanish and Mediterranean food that would change our mind? At his latest restaurant, Little Market Brasserie, Poli moves away from the Latin flavors of Tavernita to prepare a menu of traditional French and American classics.

We think it was the short ribs, no, definitely the tender chunks of short ribs, that swayed us. The meat was cooked and served in rich, red wine gravy that was smothered onto crispy fries. Poli’s use of fried cheese curds adds an additional texture to the dish that runs the risk of getting soggy as the gravy saturates the fries. This is not a problem, because the carb and meat combo is so irresistible that the gravy simply does not survive long enough to lessen the dish. Did we lick the last bits of gravy off the plate? Maybe. Will we be back for seconds? Absolutely.


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