4/10/2013 10:00:00 AM

The Best Thing We Ate Last Night: Sausage Pizza at Pizza House 1647

“Has Bucktow’s Pizza House created the prefect crust?” That seems like a loaded question. If the answer is yes then our work here is done. Pizza perfection has been achieved and all other pizza-makers should give up now because they without a doubt will fall flat. If the answer is no, then we are doomed to be disappointed. Either way, after reading this headline in a recent Chicago Magazine post, we needed to investigate.

Pizza House 1647 is a pizza joint on a quaint strip of Cortland Ave. just before the Kennedy Expressway. It sits between Cortland’s Garage and Jane’s, and was opened a few weeks ago by the owners of another neighborhood gem, Club Lucky. They have 35-years of restaurant experience and use it in an open kitchen with an old-school revolving oven. This oven produces pies made to order (thin crust or double dough) and specialty pies served by the slice. But are they perfect?

We ordered a think crust pizza with hosuemade sausage. The whole-wheat crust is thin with a cornmeal bottom – this helps achieve a crispy edge and chewy bottom. Perfect?No, but a solid base for their tangy housemade sauce covered with cheese and choice of toppings. In our opinion, the sausage was the real star. There is no denying that it is made in house. Visible fennel seeds add to the flavor that finishes with a kick of spice. Overall a noteworthy contender in the pizza game, the decades of experience show in this well-balanced pie, but the titled of “perfect pizza” is still up for grabs.

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