4/25/2013 03:00:00 PM

The Best Thing We Ate Last Night: Spring Vegetable Pie at Bang Bang Pie

Lie number one: we did not eat this at night - it was for lunch. Lie number two: it was not a pie - it was a galette, which is a fancy-pants French tart made when a round of dough is filled with fruit or vegetables. The edges are folded over the top to make a crust. It is baked until gooey in the middle and crusty around the edges. What made the galette at Bang Bang Pie Shop special? It was the crust, made with leaf lard for a flakey and buttery texture with a rich (read, fatty) flavor. It tasted and melted in our mouth like butter - in a good way, not in the let-me-just-eat-this-stick-of-butter Paula Deen way.

Like all of the sweet and savory pies, this is available seasonally. Bang Bang filled the galette with vegetables available at local farmers market - a rainbow of spring colors and flavors. Right now, that is radishes, purple potatoes, shallots and carrots. It was topped with Wisconsin Gruyere that acted as a top crust to the vibrant tart. We think the galette is best enjoyed in Bang Bang’s side-yard at one of the red picnic tables under the warmth of the spring sun. Since this warm spring may never arrive, tasting spring inside the adorable shop will have to suffice.


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