4/02/2013 03:13:00 PM

The Best Thing We Ate Last Night: Market Chopped Salad at A.G. Kitchen

Today's chilly weather notwithstanding, there have been many signs that spring is coming: flower buds pushing through the earth, longer, sun-filled days and the tentative emergence of pasty white legs. And though we're still wearing our winter coat, we know that swimsuit season will be here in a jiff, which is why we used all of our willpower to resist the Manhattan Latin burger (guacamole, bacon, cheddar) at A.G. Kitchen the other day and instead chose the market chopped salad.

Served in a big metal bowl, it was a virtuous mix of greens, cucumbers, corn, radishes, red onions, tomatoes and avocado, plus crumbled feta for some salty, creamy satisfaction. We also added in a few jumbo shrimp to give it a bit more heft. (After all, we were forgoing fries too.) The veggies were crisp and fresh, the portion generous, the olive vinaigrette was light, but still plenty flavorful, and the ratio of dressing to ingredients was just right. The price was a little steep (three shrimp cost us $7, making the salad $21), but we left fully satisfied and only slightly jealous of the greasy, dripping burgers we saw on the way out.


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