4/04/2013 05:16:00 PM

The 5 Least-Touristy Spots in the Caribbean

Carriacou Island, part of Grenada. Photo by fakelvis/Flickr.com.

The Caribbean is a big place, a million square miles of sparkling azure seas dotted with dollops of land big and small. Many of the islands already enjoy a full complement of tourism facilities - but many do not, to the delight of travelers searching for an off-the-beaten-path experience. If that rings your bell, here are five of the least touristy spots in the Caribbean to explore. In addition to the following, keep in mind that even though the once-sleepy Central American Caribbean is ratcheting up its tourism capabilities, with more and more visitors flocking to beautiful white-sand beaches in places like Nicaragua (Corn Islands), Venezuela (Los Roques) and Honduras (Roatan), much of it is still blissfully undiscovered.


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