4/02/2013 09:30:00 AM

Strangest Reservation Systems: Cracking the Code at 8 Hot-Ticket Eateries

Sorry, Charlie. Momofuku Ko's online reservations site
Whether it's a ticket-only system, or one that requires you to set your alarm to 7 AM a year in advance to get a table, there are some seriously wacky reservation systems out there. We decided to test a few of the most vexing systems at tough-to-crack restaurants around the world. Check out the results of our experiment in the slide show and let us know any odd rezzie systems we've missed in the comments.

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  1. Yes, Tickets in Barcelona is almost impossible to get into. Even harder to get a table at is its partner restaurant/bar '41 Degrees'. My husband and I were able to get VIP treatment at Tickets by pretty much stalking the hostess twice a night, every night, for three nights. She was amazed at our determination, and shared with us that people could wait outside 41 Degrees at exactly midnight to see if they would lower the velvet rope for people to come in for cocktails. We went in that night, befriended the bartenders, and voila!!!! We were treated like royalty for the next two nights at the bar and eventually, the bartender brought the floor manager up from Tickets, introduced us, and set us up for dinner the following night. It was an awesome experience!