4/17/2013 03:30:00 PM

Steven Arroyo Reopens Potato Chips Deli in Old Escuela Space

New whitewashed walls and maritime art/Photo: Daily Candy

Steven Arroyo's restaurant musical chairs continues on the Beverly-Stanley intersection near The Grove. His Beverly Boulevard deli Potato Chips, which he closed last year, has reopened in the former Escuela Taqueria space around the corner. Think back: He opened Potato Chips next to Cobras & Matadors, and then Escuela Taqueria, a small taco shop with chairs hanging from the ceiling. Then he closed Cobras and turned it into La Otra Escuela, a larger version of the taqueria with more offerings and visibility. And now all's well in Arroyoland (for now) - according to Daily Candy, Potato Chips is back with its eggplant Parm, meatball subs and roasted turkey grinders, various snacks and nonalcoholic beverages. Get your fill 11 AM-5 PM, Tuesday-Sunday.

308 N. Stanley Ave.; 323-939-8226


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