4/01/2013 08:26:00 AM

So Crêpe Opens Today on South Street West

Real French crêpes return to South Street West today, no fooling. As of 11 AM, So Crêpe is officially open for business at 1506 South, bringing the Euro delicacy back to the same block where Jean-Luc Fanny used to hold griddlecake court at Cafe L’Aube.

Fabrice Goutte is turning out both sweet and savory crêpes in tantalizing combinations - the “so smoked” shown above has us planning a visit. There’s also one made with hot dogs, and while the dessert choices include classics like butter caramel and Suzette, there are also fun twists like PB&J and apple pie crêpes. Coffee is also served, of course, and the crêperie is open through dinner daily (267-761-9310).


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