4/02/2013 04:08:00 PM

Samoa Air is First Airline to Embrace 'Fat Tax'

By Chris M. Walsh
It reeks of an extended April Fool's Day joke, but if you believe their announcement, Samoa Air is the first airline to embrace the "fat tax" and charge passengers based on weight rather than per seat. The company says it is helping to raise awareness of obesity by doing so and will ask passengers to step on a scale at the airport -- yes, and you thought the TSA full-body scans were bad -- to confirm their weight. There's been talk of charging by this method for a while and some analysts believe this is how we'll all be paying for future flights. The process is detailed in four steps on their site

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  1. The company says it's serving to to boost awareness of fatness by doing thus and can raise passengers to tread a scale at the aerodrome airline