4/11/2013 05:14:00 PM

Rio Grande Crossing Reopens After 11-year Closure

Boquillas, Mexico. Photo by Clinton Steeds/Flickr.com

Closed in May 2002 in the aftermath of 9-11, Boquillas Crossing is once again open for visitors to Big Bend National Park in West Texas to cross into Mexico. The crossing was one of three legal crossings across the Rio Grande in the Big Bend area; the crossings at Lajitas and Santa Elena remain closed.

This restarts the longtime Big Bend tradition of catching a human-powered boat across the Rio Grande for tacos, margaritas and souvenir scorpion sculptures in the remote village of Boquillas, Coahuila, Mexico. Without these crossings, the trip to Boquillas involved driving 300 miles (via Presidio, Texas), instead of just a few feet by rowboat. While the plan to reopen the crossing has been in the works since 2011, the official opening came earlier than expected.

The automated port of entry is open Wednesdays to Sunday from 9am to 5:30pm. A valid passport is required.

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  1. Earlier than expected??? Um, apparently you didn't bother to check any local sources. It was expected to open in March of 2012, then in July of 2012, then flight reservations were made for dignitaries from both governments in November (but cancelled), and then BPCE officially published an official opening date of January 28. It's more than a year LATER than expected!