4/24/2013 09:49:00 AM

Retro Feasts Pops Up in Mayfair

The 1980s are often remembered for music (Boy George, Wham!) and fashion (shoulder pads, Spandex), but until recently, food from the decade has remained firmly in the past.

Till now. It seems a trend for '80s food is brewing in London. First, Barbarella in Chelsea reinstated their 1980s menu, and next month sees the launch of Retro Feasts - a six-month pop-up in Mayfair serving all your favourite foods from the '60s, '70s and '80s.

The temporary restaurant launches on May 15, with 19-year-old chef-of-the-moment Luke Thomas and Mark Fuller in the kitchen. On the menu, expect everything from Crab on Toast to Cheese and Pineapple, Prawn Cocktail and Sweet and Sour Soup. (There will also be '80s cocktails, including a Tequila Sunrise and PiƱa Colada.)

The best part? Food prices (not drinks) will be set at 1983 levels.

29 Old Burlington St., W1S 3AN
; 020 7494 5660


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