4/23/2013 05:30:00 PM

Quote of the Day: Allison Robicelli on Why Cupcakes Aren't Over

"Know why cupcakes aren’t going anywhere? Because you need something to be “the next cupcake” just like you need something to be “the new black.” It’s not a bubble; it’s a genre — individually portioned dessert. You can talk about feminism, and Sex and the City, and nostalgia all you want; it comes down to the fact that just about everyone on earth likes cake. Not rocket science."

-A selection from Brooklyn baker Allison Robicelli's awesome response to last week's Wall Street Journal about cupcakes being "over" and the food blogosphere's reaction. (Mind you, it wasn't the first WSJ story about this very subject, they did almost the same exact piece years ago.) [Medium via Eater]


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