4/01/2013 06:00:00 PM

Photo of the Day: Malört Wine Coolers Change the Flavor of Summer

You are lying on North Avenue Beach, roll over to see dozens of perfectly toned babes and dudes with chiseled abs. “Maybe that third beer last night was not the best idea,” you think to yourself while squeezing that bit of fat (read: roll of fat) that just won’t go away. After a long sigh, you reach into your bag and grab an electric blue bottle of the new Jeppson’s Malört Breezes. The wine cooler-type beverage comes in four flavors - Fruit Punch, Blu Razz, Granny and “G”rape - and is scheduled to be release early summer. The bitter, fruity concoction with an after taste of latex and shame, pairs well with self-loathing and suntan lotion.

This April Fools Day Image is courtesy of Jeppson’s Malört.


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