4/23/2013 07:21:00 PM

Photo of the Day: Mad Men at Little Dom's

It's probably because we were just there eating the incredible French toast souffle, but as soon as we saw the Don Draper crew run into the Peggy crew for drinks after pitching Heinz ketchup in last week's Mad Men episode - all drowning their sorrows, as it were - we immediately recognized the bar as Little Dom's. The beauty about the Los Feliz space is that it easily doubles as a classic LA spot because it was built to look that way, something co-owner Warner Ebbink and designer Shawn Hausman do well. Mad Men has filmed at other local bars and restaurants, but places that are actually old, including Cole's, Casey's and Cicada Downtown, Bob's Big Boy in Burbank and the amazing HMS Bounty, to name a few. Still, it's one of our favorite viewing party tricks to be able to name wherever they are in less than five seconds. We almost always win.


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