4/29/2013 07:07:00 PM

Photo of the Day: Liquid Pizza at Le Fooding

Le Fooding came to LA and went. Bringing together some of the hottest chefs in town (Josef Centeno, Roy Choi, Nancy Silverton, Carolynn Spence, Ludovic Lefebvre and Jordan Kahn) and some of the hottest chefs in Paris (Inaki Aizpitarte, Greg Marchand, Sven Chartier) to serve bites outside of MOCA in Little Tokyo turned out to be a grand idea. The setup: grass, picnic tables, soft lights, champagne, LA as a backdrop, a few food trucks, a couple of stands and a very chic crowd. We took a spin through night one on Friday, nibbled on as much as we had the patience to wait in line for (sorry, Nancy, 30 minutes-plus for your grilled beef tagliata lost out) and enjoyed Choi's Kogi tacos, fresh beans and brown butter (Aizpitarte), yellowtail crudo with favas, citrus and baby radishes (Centeno) and dynamite chocolate-caramel cakes from Lemonade.

But the one bite that was both the most unique and probably talked about was the deconstructed pizza - basically cheese bread topped with tomatoes, anchovies and oregano and a cup of seasoned tomato water - from Jean-François Piège and Chateau Marmont's Carolynn Spence (so that's what all the tomatoes were for). The two-day event was like one big spring garden party, and to that we say: Nicely done, Frenchies.


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