4/01/2013 04:13:00 PM

Photo of the Day: Lenoir Chef Todd Duplechan and Son Hollis Check Out Dai Due

Lenoir chef Todd Duplechan says he likes the farmers’ markets because it’s one of his only times to socialize. He hits up the downtown SFC Farmers Market on Saturdays and Boggy Creek Farm’s on Wednesdays to pick fresh produce for his “hot weather” dishes at his South First restaurant. We think his son Hollis may have some of those good cookin’ genes (Duplechan’s wife, Jessica Maher, is the pastry chef at Lenoir). Here's Hollis pointing at the chalkboard menu by Dai Due’s stand on Saturday. 

Want more farmers’ market photos? Check out these snapshots from Saturday’s SFC and these pics from last Sunday’s Hope Farmers’ Market on the East Side.

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