4/25/2013 05:30:00 PM

Photo of the Day: Absinthe Class Tonight at The Savoy

Absinthe-inspired art at The Savoy
Absinthe is a mysterious green liquid known for its hallucinogenic qualities (the stuff served in The States doesn’t have that effect). With a licorice flavor and green fairy mascot, the liquor can be found in cocktails and straight up. Local absinthe expert, Deidre Darling at The Saovy, hosts monthly absinthe education classes. Tonight’s class focuses on the basics about the spirit, from the “holy trinity” of herbs used to make it to the proper way to dilute and serve absinthe. Tickets for tonight’s class are still available online for $70. The next class will be held on May 30 and focuses on how to use absinthe in cocktails.


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