4/08/2013 12:39:00 PM

Phoenix Farms Kickstarts a Farm Classroom

Phoenix Farms owner Nathan Heath and Olive and June chef/owner Shawn Cirkiel
On Sunday night a small group of food lovers, farmers and restaurateurs gathered at Olive and June to help Phoenix Farms start its next phase with a Kickstarter campaign. Owner Nathan Heath already grows sustainable, fresh produce for restaurants like Trace and for laymen at the farmers’ markets, but he wants to build a classroom and event space to teach the next generation of farmers how to, you know, grow stuff, a skill that has been lost in this century and the last one.

In a panel discussion with Barley Swine’s Bryce Gilmore, Dai Due’s Jesse Griffiths, Trace’s forager Valerie Broussard and Olive and June’s Shawn Cirkiel, Heath talked about the shortage of people with the knowledge needed to support our local food system, namely small-scale farmers. As part of the home farm movement, the new event space will have classes that range from how to plant crops to chicken care to canning, and a commercial kitchen will offer dinners as well.

And since the event was at Olive and June, there were mini meatballs, arancini and other Italian treats. Check out some pics of the food and the restaurant and farm peeps below.

Click here to donate to the Kickstarter campaign.


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