4/02/2013 03:37:00 PM

Pete Wells Gives Hanjan His Usual Two Stars

Hanjan's pajeon
NY Times restaurant critic Pete Wells' latest two-star review breaks down Hooni Kim's Flatiron newcomer, Hanjan, the "Korean gastropub" follow-up to his Hell's Kitchen favorite, Danji. He seems mostly pleased but declares that the Korean fried chicken needs to be just a little crispier: "In the rush to declare winners, a few also-rans were soon forgotten. To be a contender in a town full of good Korean fried chicken, Hanjan’s needs to be crisper than it was the night I had it. A tiny portion of noodles with spicy squid vanished without impact. Thin slices of fish cakes bobbed around in a nearly clear seafood broth that was very, very good, but the dish wasn’t substantial enough for a restaurant that is, essentially, a Korean pub." Read the full review here.


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