4/10/2013 02:00:00 PM

Pazzo Gelato Joining the Taste at Figat7th

Chocoloate + espresso = our favorite Pazzo combo
There's a Sprinkles, Mendocino Farms and Juicy Lucy, Oleego, The Melt and more. Now Downtown LA's Figat7th complex will get Pazzo Gelato, a third outpost for owner Michael Buch (the Echo Park and Silver Lake locations are always packed). That means any number of the hundreds of flavors the gelato shop features daily will be served on the ground floor of the Target complex, near Mendo, City Tavern and George's. But sorry, Downtowners, Buch tells Brigham Yen the new Pazzo won't open till August. Until then, Echo Park is close - and scoops are only $1 every day between 4-5 PM.


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