4/24/2013 02:55:00 PM

One Man, 6,297 Chinese Restaurants + His Favorites in San Gabriel Valley

Chan prefers a fork over chopsticks/Photo: LAT
And we thought Jo Stougaard eating all 300 dishes at Jitlada was amazing. According to the Los Angeles Times, David Chan, an LA lawyer and accountant, has eaten at 6,297 Chinese restaurants across the country, all documented on an Excel spreadsheet. Where are the best, in his opinion? Los Angeles, of course. Some of his favorites in the San Gabriel Valley include 101 Noodle Express (beef rolls!), Din Tai Fung (soup dumplings!), King Hua, Lunasia, Elite Restaurant and Seafood Village. And Chan, 64, who's been eating at Los Angeles Chinese restaurants since before there were any real authentic ones - he started in 1955 - doesn't plan on stopping. Read more about him and the restaurants he's tallied around town, in Toronto and beyond, right here.