4/22/2013 03:43:00 PM

Off The Grid Launches Burger Pod, Your Daily Source of Beefy Pleasure

Doc's on the Bay burger, photo: Zak Silverman
Forget Dungeness crab, sourdough bread or Rice-A-Roni. It looks like burgers have become the official San Francisco treat, at least that’s what the organizers of Off the Grid are counting on. The market organizers have just unleashed Burger Pod, a new weekday lunch pop-up stationed in the Financial District (Sacramento and Montgomery Streets) that will host a different burger-slinging truck every day of the week (except Saturday and Sundays) Today’s inaugural burger truck is Me So Hungry, which will be followed by Doc's of the Bay (Tuesdays), Whip Out (Wednesdays), Fins on the Hoof (Thursdays) and Let's Eat Grill Stop (Fridays). Don’t fret about get tired of those patty purveyors. We’re told additional trucks such as Fiveten Burger, Bacon Bacon, Slider Shack and Whisk on Wheels will be swapped into the future rotation. Keep track of the daily burger lineup online (Burger Pod, Monday-Friday 11 AM- 3 PM at Sacramento and Montgomery Streets).


  1. Hi Meesha,

    My name is Zak Silverman, owner of Doc's of the Bay, and the one who took that picture. I'm glad you like it and I'm flattered that you used it! However, can you please add at caption mentioning that it is our burger? Thanks,


    1. ...Also if you'd like to come down and try it out for yourself tomorrow you'd be more than welcome. - Zak