4/09/2013 11:25:00 AM

Next's Vegan Theme Will Debut May 8 - Will It Be Cheaper Than Previous Menus?

Photo by Christian Seel
Grant Achatz/Dave Beran's Next in Chicago is getting ready to shift gears and menu concepts on May 8. So will the new Vegan theme mean a break in pricing? Sort of. While speaking to Grant about tasting menus earlier this week we also asked him about the price of the new vegan menu: "Well this is the other thing that people don’t realize is how expensive certain vegetables are. Of course if you’re doing caviar and foie gras and French turbot, it’s going to be very expensive. White asparagus from France is $22 a pound, that’s almost as much as foie gras. It will be priced a little bit less and I think people will expect that, but if we’re using beautiful harvested foraged mushroom and truffles and white asparagus, at the end of the day that food cost is about the same."

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