4/25/2013 04:17:00 PM

Morgan’s Pier Sneak Preview: Burger, Ice Cream Sandwich and More

George Sabatino is excited. A little nervous, maybe, but mostly excited. After getting much notice during his time running 30-seat Stateside on East Passyunk, he’s gearing up for a summer as chef at Morgan’s Pier. “There’s something like 450 seats here!” he says, “After this gig, opening my own 100-seat restaurant is going to be a snap.”

We’re excited for opening day, too. (It's Thursday, May 9.) The gorgeous riverside deck deserves a food menu as good as its craft beer list, and after a quick tasting, we’re pretty sure that’s what it’s now got. Check out the slide show for a look at the perfectly classic burger, some sweet summer desserts and a couple of other sneak peeks.

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  1. Someone's been reading a bit too much "Modernist Cuisine" I think.....