4/18/2013 12:48:00 PM

More Restaurants Open in the Copley Square Area

Skipjack's in the Back Bay is now open.
A few more restaurants have reopened around Copley Square. The Rattlesnake and Parish Cafe, both on Boylston Street, are now open for lunch and dinner, as is Skipjack’s on Clarendon. Access Skipjack's from the Clarendon Street entrance only.

Legal Sea Foods in the Copley Place Mall and in the Prudential Building will open Friday beginning at 4:30 PM for dinner, according to a source, who explained it was owner Roger Berkowitz’s decision to keep the stores closed until then.

Among the closed restaurants is Forum, which is still considered part of the crime scene. According to its website, “Our beautiful restaurant sustained heavy damage and will need to be rebuilt after the site is cleared.” Other restaurants previously listed remain closed.

Food truck sites #1 @Boylston and #2 @Clarendon remain closed today while sites #3 @StuartStreet and #4 @Belvidere are open, according to the city of Boston.


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