4/18/2013 09:30:00 AM

Montmartre's Garden Will Launch in a Month, Have Its Own Bar

In our Spring Dining preview, we noted that one of the most exciting outdoor spaces this year promises to be at Montmartre, Gabe Stulman's French joint in Chelsea that is housed in the former Gascogne space. We dropped by for a visit last night and the owner confirmed our suspicions about this alfresco space, which he says will open in about a month. In addition to some extra tables (much needed for this narrow venue), the garden will have its own bar.

And how did they score a license to do that? Stulman noted that they will close down shop early, but points out that the space is lined with buildings on three sides that don't have windows, a blessing when it comes to controlling noise complaints. Also, the previous restaurant was there for two decades, so the hood is "used to having outdoor dining."

The eatery is making tweaks to its menu - chef Tien Ho is working more Asian influences into the traditional French. If you want to stop by and test it out, the restaurant is also launching brunch this weekend.


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