4/30/2013 10:40:00 AM

Mexican Food Survey Results: High-End vs. Casual, Best Tacos and Drinks

Taco time; photo by Gabi Porter
Whether it's classic Mexican, Tex-Mex or California-style, the 1,902 people that took our Mexican Food Survey admit to eating a lot of the cuisine. A majority of respondents say they enjoy some sort of Mexican grub at least once a week, if not more. That's a lot of chips (some of them presumably enjoyed at the top 15 Mexican restaurants in the U.S.). The survey covers a lot of ground. What kinds of Mexican restaurants are the most popular? Can any drink knock the margarita from its place of dominance (short answer: no)? Corn or flour tortillas? Click through the slideshow to view the full results and make sure to stick around until the final key question: is double dipping into that salsa ever acceptable? The results may surprise you.

And of course no serving of Mexican fare would be complete without a side of Guac? We visited Rosa Mexicano for a primer on how to make the perfect bowl, check out our video tutorial here.


  1. The type over flour or corn is skewed. Because there are only hard corn shells, and there is both soft flour and corn.

  2. Is this a scientific survey? It doesn't seem like it.

    1. This is the published results of a Zagat Reader input survey. Whether one considers it scientific or not, it's based on those responses.

  3. Las Camelias in San Rafael has the best Mexican food around. Everything is fresh and the flavors vary from spicy to plain old delicious. Voted the best Mexican Restaurant in Marin County for most of its 35 years in business. Great food

  4. I'm only publishing anonymously because Google wants me to either use my Gmail address, or open a Google+ account, but will NOT let me use the Zagat User Name I've had for many years...

    Just a note on the guac pricing... The very restaurant you highlight for great Guacamole charges $14 (yes, you see right) for tableside prepared guac. Now that's ridiculous.

  5. Put me on the pro cilantro side of the debate.