4/02/2013 01:39:00 PM

Make Trois Mec Reservations NOW

What do they say about MasterCard? Priceless? Well, that's not entirely true when it comes to getting an early reservation at Trois Mec. It costs something. Reservations for the first preview dinners at Ludo Lefebvre, Jon Shook and Vinny Dotolo's spot opened up yesterday, and some days have already sold out. But don't fret. For you cardholders only, there are still openings this week on the website, and reservations for more dinners from April 8-12 go on sale tomorrow at 9 AM, including the $90 per person dinners, but also $35 "family-style" lunches (the restaurant won't regularly serve lunch).

Unfortunately for the rest of us, these dinners are for MasterCard holders only - there is still no firm date for an official public debut, but it will probably happen in the next few weeks.


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