4/01/2013 12:00:00 PM

Little Caesars Introduces Deep!Deep! Pizza to Hot-N-Ready Lineup

Little Caesars is officially adding a new product as a permanent fixture on its menu - DEEP!DEEP! dish pizza ($8) will hit stores today nationwide - as the Michigan-based company attempts to bring Detroit-style pizza to the masses. This blogger grew up in Detroit so we know a thing or two about the thick, square pan-style pizza of the Motor City. We have spent countless childhood hours eating Little Caesars pizza so we admit it has a special place in our hearts - the garlicky sauce, the buttery crust, the layers of mozzarella and the salty pepperoni have permanently adhered themselves to our sense memory (hey, even Grant Achatz shadily scarfs it.)

We got a special early taste of the new pie last week and just a few bites in, it brought us right back to childhood. We also spoke to Ed Gleich, SVP of Global Marketing for the company about the decision to bring this Motor City-style pie to the masses. Domino's recently added a new pan pizza to its regular menu so we asked him if the move was perhaps inspired by the competition. Gleich told us that the move was in no way connected with Domino's, but rather just a pure-hearted attempt to spread the word. "We're not all that different," Gleich told us, "Detroit-style pizza tastes good so we want everyone in the country to know about it." However like its competition, LC will prepare the dough "by hand" and press it into custom deep dish pans. The pies will be available to-go from 4-8PM at locations nationwide for $8.


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