4/05/2013 01:20:00 PM

KFC Shocks World, Goes Boneless

Image via USA Today/KFC
KFC has got a bone to pick with....bones. They're annoying! They slow you down when you're eating. They're messy! And we all know they're straight up antiquated. (Totes prehistoric.) So on April 14, the mega chain will offer boneless, skinless chicken as a new option and will also be rolling out a massive new ad campaign whose tagline, "I ate the bones," will be the main focus of new TV spots. Chief Marketing Officer Jason Marker expects that the line will soon be a "colloquial phrase" used all over the U.S. in a matter of weeks. So will bone-in chicken still be available? The report is dubious but adds that most of the chicken available at KFC by early next year will be boneless. (Looks like bones are being slowly "phased out.") Check out the new spots right here.


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