4/18/2013 12:15:00 PM

Jamie Oliver Instagrams Pic of His Fancy Restaurant Toilets

Image via Instagram
Eater notices a photo that chef Jamie Oliver instagrammed today of his new 'bespoke' toilets that are part of the refurbishing of his London restaurant Fifteen. Along with the pic he writes:

So my first restaurant FIFTEEN is closed for a big refurbishment exciting, but look what arrived today !! Our own cast iron FIFTEEN toilet system !!! Woop woooop this is when you know you've gone crazy when this kinda thing makes you happy !! I'm really happy ?! Because of a toilet !!?? Not a car not a Gucci suit not a posh watch no not me its a damn bespoke toilet ! ....life these days is making me laugh anyway if you come see us you can take a piss and flash in style !!

Interpret as you will. [Instagram]


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