4/17/2013 04:37:00 AM

Is Mangal 2 the Funniest Turkish Restaurant in London?

It's one of London's top Turkish restaurants, but this week Mangal 2 in Dalston is making headlines around the world for reasons other than their ocakbasi and delicately crusted bread.

The Awl - a New York-based website that picks up on the oddities of the Internet - has called them 'the only Turkish restaurant in London you should be following' on Twitter, thanks to hilarious and completely random tweets like:

Hey, Dalston cool kids, listen: skateboarding/rollerblading makes you look like an 11 year old in a Haribo's advert. Grow up; walk.


Hey Justin, so, how was Europe? Tell us all about it! 'Lost a monkey. Pissed off fans. Insulted a dead girl. Fought paparazzi. Had Nando's.'

We don't know who's in charge of social media at Mangal 2, but thank you - it sure beats reading tweets about kebabs and opening times. Follow @Mangal2 on Twitter and see for yourself.


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