4/12/2013 02:24:00 PM

Inside Coqueta: Michael Chiarello’s New Waterfront Spanish Restaurant and Tapas Bar

The next big thing to hit San Francisco’s Embarcadero waterfront is Coqueta, the new Spanish-inspired restaurant from celebrity chef Michael Chiarello (Bottega). Chiarello’s project combines some of the hottest trends in San Francisco dining - dim-sum-style service, house-cured jamón, inventive desserts and liquid-nitro cocktails. All that, plus a smashing view of the San Francisco Bay and the promise of spotting TV personality Chiarello himself are enough to ensure that Coqueta will be one of the hottest tickets around. Here’s what to expect.


  1. My husband & I met Michael and his wife at Bottega while honeymooning this past November. He and his wife are awesome!!!! Bottega was worth every minute....I'm sure Coqueta will be equally as amazing!!!

  2. I held a pre-wedding dinner for my son and his fiancee at Bottega two Junes ago. Really expensive and they were the most difficult, uncompromising people to work with I've ever encountered. One example, the chef would not change a side on one dish even though it was the same side as on another choice. The service was terrible. Our guests sat for over half an hour without a crumb of bread or food on the table and when it finally came, it was not worth waiting for!! We had eaten at Bottega before signing and it was not the same quality by a long shot. Michael Chiarello -- another legend in his own mind!