4/25/2013 03:27:00 PM

Hudson Valley Foie Gras Website Hacked, Buyers Names Made Public

If you thought publishing the names and phone numbers of restaurant no-shows was bad, animal-rights activists have now hacked the website of Hudson Valley Foie Gras, a leading U.S. supplier, and published customers' names and email addresses. The list is mostly California-based clients, due to the statewide foie gras ban, and includes chefs, home cooks and more. According to the OC Register, one Laguna Beach chef, Amar Santana of Broadway by Amar Santana, has been getting harassing calls since the info went public. "We are talking about ducks," Santana told the Reg. "They are raised to be eaten. It is illegal to sell it or whatever, but you are telling me it is OK to blast personal information like that online? That is more illegal than anything else."

North American Animal Liberation is one of two groups that published the list from an "anonymous" tipster who said they "took down" Hudson Valley's website and online store and uncovered the names and personal info of more than 1,200 customers who purchased products between June 2012 and April 2013. So they made it all public - just because. Ken Frank of Napa Valley's Le Toque weighed in: "The activists are a shame on our great nation where we should respect each other's right to choose what we eat, who we marry, what we read and what we say, without fear of intimidation or reprisal." The chef, who is against the California ban, was not named on the list.


  1. Ducks raised for foie gras repeatedly have metal tubes shoved down their throats (tearing up sensitive tissues)! They're kept locked in cages like prisoners and their bodies are used and thrown away when they're worn out.

    They're not 'just ducks'. For some reason, in our society, we've learned to disassociate from animals. But that doesn't change the fact that they have their own needs and desires, and can suffer pain.

    We don't have a right to do whatever we want to these sentient beings. Being human does not give us some inherent dominion over this planet and its creatures. An opinion to the contrary can only be based on arrogance.

    1. Then don't eat meat. Problem solved. As for myself, I am not burdened with a conscience, and I prefer meat over vegetables.

    2. "I am not burdened with a conscience"

      Having a conscience is never a burden.

    3. Well stated Rajesh Bhatia. Thank you

  2. I eat and enjoy both meat and vegetables, and I prefer humanely raised meat when I can afford it. However, I will not eat foie gras, not after a French woman explained to me how it was made. (SHE was defending it, and couldn't understand why we were all horrified. After researching it, I discovered she was telling the straight truth.) It's straight-up animal abuse.

    That said, hacking and privacy invasion such as this are illegal and unethical. I think it's also counter-productive. I bet many people who didn't have strong feelings on the issue are now on the side of those who were victimized, on general principle.

  3. The only "victimized" sentient beings are the ducks. Comparing torture and murder versus violation of one's privacy is ridiculous.