4/26/2013 12:21:00 PM

How Trois Mec Reservations Went This Morning

You knew that getting a reservation at Trois Mec, the 26-seat restaurant from Ludovic Lefebvre, Jon Shook and Vinny Dotolo, would be impossible. Just look at those three names: Lefebvre's Ludobites notoriously sold out in minutes and often took down entire websites; Dotolo and Shook's Animal and Son of a Gun are still always packed at prime time. So when they announced that we'll have to buy tickets ahead of time to dine at Trois Mec, we knew it would easily make our list of strangest (and toughest) reservations in town.

Tickets are released every other Friday, starting today at 8 AM, and for only two weeks at a time (the restaurant is only open Monday through Friday). We missed the previews and the first round of tickets, so here's how it went down for us today.

8:07 AM: On the site seven minutes later than we wanted. There were only five of the 10 days left, and mostly four- and six-tops available. We wanted a two-top, and there were two left. Purchased tickets. Yay!

8:12 AM: Checked back just to see what was left. Only two days, two tables, both four-tops.

8:23 AM: Site crashed.

The lesson here, folks: early bird, worm. If you want to dine at Trois Mec next month, set your timers for 7:55 AM on May 10 because you'll want to be on the site at exactly 8 AM. According to the Trois Mec Facebook page, which was set up as "an open forum for discussions related to transfer/exchange of tickets" (so no Craiglist?), Mastercard Priceless LA releases three reservations a week every Wednesday at 9 AM, but you must be a cardholder to purchase those. We also learned via FB that if you use Internet Explorer as your browser, you're SOL; the Trois Mec site doesn't support it. P.S.: For what it's worth, the site was back up by 8:40 AM.


  1. You found a two seater? I got in a 804 after the site took forever to do ANYTHING and saw only 4 and 6ers left.
    I just wish you could purchase in multiples of two instead of this.

  2. Yes, there were only two, one on a day I couldn't go but changed all of my other plans for, and the other on a day I won't be in town. It's TOUGH. But two seats seem to be in more demand, that's for sure. Good luck!