4/02/2013 08:30:00 AM

Have You Been To The World's Least Visited Countries?

Prayer flags on the Druk Path Trek in Bhutan; photo by Jean-Marie Hullot via Flickr
Want the ultimate in travel bragging rights? Then book the next flight to Nauru. With just 200 tourists per year, it’s the world’s least visited country, according to a list compiled by travel writer Gunnar Garfors from UN and World Bank figures. Aside from landing on a runway that doubles as a road, there’s little to write home about—most of the teeny Pacific island nation is an open mine. Though Nauru is likely to be a more pleasant stay than some of the war-torn countries on the list, there are also some true gems to be discovered. With just 5,000 tourists annually, you’ll rarely have to share the sugary beaches and coral atolls of the Marshall Islands (#5) with anyone. Then there’s Bhutan (#17), the mythical Buddhist kingdom in the Himalayas that was once dubbed the Happiest Country on Earth. Check out the rest of the list here. Which spots would you like to visit?


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