4/30/2013 01:26:00 PM

Guide to Regional Mexican Cuisine: Exploring 8 Tasty Areas

Mexico has 32 sovereign states - some like Baja California and Oaxaca you may recognize right away, but others like Quintana Roo and Jalisco are less talked about. While ingredients like chiles, chocolate, corn and pork are found in foods across the country, the flavors coming out of each region prove unique. After all, there are dozens of different chiles in Mexico alone, and more forms of salsas and mole than most people try in a lifetime. Click through the slide show below to educate yourself on regional Mexican fare.


  1. Horrible list, apparently the author hasn't ever been to South or Central Texas. Tons of great Mexican food in hole of the wall restaurants, especially Jalisence type restaurants. There are even some decent fancy ones if you want to drop some coin.

  2. This list is just ridiculous and represents sheer ignorance. Zagat continues over and over again to ignore the FOURTH most populous city in the US: Houston, Texas - where fabulous restaurants abound. And especially when it comes to Tex Mex restaurants - where there are no better than in Houston! I have used and purchased Zagat products for many years but have lost my respect.