4/24/2013 12:00:00 PM

Green Chartreuse Now on Tap at Sable

When the team at Scofflaw put Jeppson’s Malört on tap at the bar, the guys over at Sable got a little green. Not with envy, but with Chartreuse. The River North bar and restaurant recently added Chartreuse to its selection of taps, made possible by a special keg that can be filled with bottles of the bartender's choice - similar to the system used to tap Malört at Scofflaw and Trenchermen. The keg at Sable was filled with green Chartreuse and outfitted with a custom handle. Chartreuse (an herbal liquor originally made in the early 1700s by a group of monks who referred to it as the “Elixir of Life”) is available in a shot for $10 or mixed into cocktails ranging in price from $12 to $14.


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