4/24/2013 05:53:00 PM

G&B Coffee Adds Cold Brew and More to Grand Central Market

G&B Coffee, which makes one of our favorite local coffee drinks, has been holed up at Sqirl as a pop-up coffee counter since Jessica Koslow opened the little cafe. But with the news that Sqirl will be expanding into the little neighborhood market next door, G&B is on the move. Well, it's more coincidence and timing. Kyle Glanville, the G of G&B, noted today that in addition to opening on Larchmont soon, he and Charles Babinski will be joining Sticky Rice, Valerie Confections and other new purveyors at the Grand Central Market in Downtown LA.

"When G&B finally leaves Sqirl next month, we will have hung around 2.5 months longer than we originally expected, simply because it felt too important and like too much fun to leave so soon," the two say on their website. The Grand Central Market is set to open on May 27, with Larchmont debuting on its heels (with a different name, still under wraps), also late May or early June. You can still find their espresso, coffees and bottled cold-brew coffees and teas at Sqirl through May 12.


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