4/08/2013 12:38:00 PM

Former Bow Operators Launch Club in Butter's Basement

During it's short lived run below The General on Bowery, Bow was the place to be for club kids who didn't want to spring for bottles, so it's no surprise that the folks who were running it quickly regrouped and launched another club within weeks of that spot's demise. The new haunt, dubbed 415 Lafayette, is operating out of Butter's basement, but it has no affiliation with the restaurant.

The space was the place to be in the early aughts, especially on Mondays, but it quietly stopped hosting parties a while back and their crowds moved over to Darby Downstairs. There's a separate entrance on the street level, and fans of Bow will find the plants and fog machines in the revamped space familiar. Right now it's off-the-radar, but expect a tough door once word gets out.


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