4/16/2013 01:37:00 PM

Food TV: Knife Fight and The Getaway Premieres Delayed, Graham Elliot Gets New Show

Graham Elliot
The conversion of the G4 Network to Esquire Network has been pushed back from April 22 to later this summer, according to The Hollywood Reporter, delaying the premieres of Ilan Hall's Knife Fight and Anthony Bourdain-produced travel show The Getaway. Apparently the delay will ensure that the network has time to finish more shows for the launch.

Meanwhile, there are some new food shows debuting on Spike TV in 2013. Chef Graham Elliot is getting his own reality series called Covert Kitchens, which is described as: "Now a fixture all across America, these one-night-only culinary events are put on by some of the world’s top chefs in alleyways, train cars, and even tattoo parlors. It all has to come together in one day—the food, the setting and the service. Can they pull it off?"

LA chef Eric Greenspan is also getting his own show called Frankenfood, in which he'll be "going across the country to create culinary history by finding Americans with the most incredible and unique food creations. In each episode, the top food innovators will go head-to-head in order to get their mouthwatering, unexpected food combinations onto the menu of a restaurant, win a cash prize, and possibly create the next big food craze." [Spike via Eater]


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